Message from the C.E.O.

In my many years working in the travel industry, I am constantly reminded of the resilient power of traveling. Throughout history, people across different regions constantly felt the need to discover and explore new horizons. In fact, it goes without saying that all great civilizations that flourished on our planet couldn’t have prospered hadn’t they given travel the significant importance it deserves. In all mankind history, there has never been a time when travelling from one destination to another was as accessible, quick, safe and inexpensive as is today. Thanks to the progress in transport and technology, travelling has never been easier. But the question today is, are you travelling efficiently?

Alamwaj travel & tourism, has been one of the pioneer travel and tourism agencies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With our many years in the market, we have grown to understand our customers more than anyone else in the Kingdom. From personally customized holiday packages or luxury cruises to business and corporate travel plans, we have developed an integrated service system to cater to diverse requirements with special care and attention paid to the smallest details. It is not only our passion for travel that sets us apart, but also our strong commitment as a company to our values – Honesty, Integrity and Commitment. With no hidden commissions and no service charges, we have an undeniable fierce reputation of providing our clients with the best prices possible. We have an extensive network of airline and accommodation providers to make sure that our customers feel absolutely at home anywhere they go.

Abdulrahman M. Alrayyes

Our Philosophy

A holiday is a special time for relaxation and enjoyment. A time to unwind and enjoy new experiences, take a journey and really discover something new. At Alamwaj travel & tourism, we understand this special time, so when it comes to the organization of your holiday or business travel, we take care to ensure its exactly as you expect it to be. Simply perfect.